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"Your website is not the centre of your universe, your Facebook page is not the centre of your universe, your mobile application is not the centre of your universe. The customer is the centre of your universe." Bruce Ernst

WYNTA, an innovative alternative to market research

At WYNTA, we have developed a unique and simple methodology to deliver actionable consumer insights in a matter of days to help you stand out in your market and against your competitors.

As an expert in consumer behaviour analysis, we help you answer all your questions about your consumers, customers and prospects.

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Your expert in consumer profiling

Our expertise to enrich the knowledge of your consumers

From socio-demographic profiling to psychographic personality traits and behavioural profiling, nothing escapes us to provide you with the most detailed view possible of your various audiences.

Whether you are a marketer, a manager, a CEO, or whatever your profile, discover how we make our data speak for itself to significantly enrich the knowledge of your consumers, clients and prospects!


.... to help your decision-making

Our analyses enable you to answer a wide range of applications and business questions.

Whether you are thinking strategically about the development of a new product/market, defining your persona, or looking to optimise your operational activities for your digital campaigns, sponsorship or prospecting, you will find the best answers to your questions with us.

Make your decisions more tangible and validate your assumptions with WYNTA!